Order of Merit – Point System

All PCGA players in good standing are eligible to participate in the Order of Merit race.  Scoring will be based, as the Camoes Cup, on your net score using the official WHS index.  All handicaps used will be the most recent on the day of the event.

Points will be awarded for each event based on the following point system with 500 points awarded to the first place player down to 5 points for the 40th player. Ties for any position will result in the adding of the points and dividing them evenly amongst those tied.  Example; two players tie for 2nd Place each would receive 440 points, the even split of 2nd and 3rd place.  The only exception would be for 40th place where all players tied for 40th would receive 5 points.

First Place 500
Second Place 460
Third Place 420
Fourth Place 380
Fifth Place 340
Sixth Place 300
Seventh Place 280
Eighth Place 260
Ninth Place 240
Tenth Place 220
11th Place 200
12th Place 190
13th Place 180
14th Place 170
15th Place 160
16th Place 150
17th Place 140
18th Place 130
19th Place 120
20th Place 110
21st Place 100
22nd Place 95
23rd Place 90
24th Place 85
25th Place 80
26th Place 75
27th Place 70
28th Place 65
29th Place 60
30th Place 55
31st Place 50
32nd Place 45
33rd Place 40
34th Place 35
35th Place 30
36th Place 25
37th Place 20
38th Place 15
39th Place 10
40th Place 5