Hole-In-One Club

Manny Coelho

Member #: 3
Date: May 6th, 2018
Golf Course:  Willow Valley Golf Club
Hole:  13
Yardage:  146
Club:  8-iron
Witnessed by:
Jason Lopes
Ian Cunha
Teresa Correia-Cunha

Paulo Fragata

Member #: 284
Date: Oct. 15th, 2017
Golf Course: Royal Woodbine
Hole #: 15
Yardage: 128
Club: 8 iron
Witnessed by:
Rui Machado
Jack Martins
Severiano DaSilva

Jose Lima

Member: # 362
Date: Sept. 12, 2017
Golf Course: Centennial Park
Hole #3
Yardage: 141
Club: 3 Wood
Witnessed by:
Rick Ramos
Carlos Lopes

Teresa Correia

Member: #308
Date: April 19, 2017.
Golf Course: Royal Woodbine,
Hole: 7th
Yardage: 125,
Club: 5 Hybrid,
Witnessed by:



Severiano DaSilva

Member #352
Date Aug. 9th,2015
Golf Course: Piper’s Heath
Hole # 16
Yardage: 125
Club: #7
Witnessed By PCGA Members:
Sylvio Santos #381
Sergio Ruivo #306
Jaime Afonso #339

Manny Andrade

Member: #29
Date August 2014
Golf Course: Royal Woodbine
Hole #16
Yardage: 155
Club: #8
Witnessed by Members:
Jose Lima #362
Joe Quintal #303

Tony Ferreira

Member #204
Date June 1st 2014
Golf Course: Nobleton Lakes “View”
Nobleton Ontario
Hole # 4
Yardage: 157
Club: #7
Witnessed By PCGA Members:
Anthony Ferreira #344
Manny Augusto #117
Fernando Gomes #189

Shirley Marche

Member: #299
Date May, 13, 2014
Golf Course: Boca Royale Golf And Country Club
Englewood, Florida
Hole # 3
Yardage: 98
Club: Not provided
Witness by Member:
Mifa Raposo #85

Michael Carlos

Member: #144
Date September 14, 2013
Golf Course: Legacy Woodington Lakes
Hole 15th
Yardage: 110
Club: P/ Wedge
Witnessed by PCGA members:
José Barcelos #8
Inacio Cunha #15
Randy Lima #356

Adelino Ribeiro

Member: #304
Date: August 26, 2012
Golf Club: Royal Woodbine
Hole: 7th
Yardage: 128
Club: Wedge
Witnessed by PCGA members:
Adelino Sousa #341,
Pedro Lima #40
Paul Medeiros (NM)

Charles Medeiros

Member: #330
Date: March 6, 2007
Golf Club: Ocean View Golf Club, Bermuda
Hole: 9th
Yardage: 160
Club: 4 Iron
Witnessed by:
Leo Barbosa
Jim Godwin
Robert House

Luis Arruda

Member: # 37
Date: November 26th, 2009
Golf Club: Granite Ridge Golf Club
Hole: 3rd – Cobalt Course
Yardage: 149
Club: 7 iron
Witnessed by PCGA members:
Gilberto Moniz #62
Ricardo Serpa #218
Bill daCosta.

Eugenio Silva

Member: # 263
Date: August, 16, 2009
Golf Club: King’s Forest,
Hole: 14,
Yardage: 165,
Club: 7 iron,
Witnessed by PCGA members:
Adalberto Vieira #25
Francisco Machado #262
Antonio Coelho #25.

Victor Dias

Member: # 176
Date: April, 19, 2009
Golf Club: Lionhead Golf Club, Masters Course
Hole: 8th
Yardage: 138
Club: 8 Iron
Witnessed by member:
#262 Francisco Machado.

Jose Luis Pinto

Member: #1
Date: August, 11, 2008,
Golf Club: Royal Woodbine Golf Club,
Hole: 7th,
Yardage: 129,
Club: pitching Wedge,
Notes: Ball landed 5 feet past the pin and spun back into the cup. This historic feat was witnessed by two other PCGA members, Valdemar Serrano # 206 and Horacio Carvalho # 109.

Antonio Coelho

Member: #21,
Date: April, 21, 2007,
Golf Club: Hornby Glen, Hornby On,
Hole: 4th,
Yardage: 128,
Club: Pitching Wedge,
Witnessed by PCGA member:
Luis Lima #56
Ivan Almeida #55
Adalberto Vieira #25.

Antonio R.B. Silva

Member: #24
Date: August, 26, 2006,
Golf Club: Pheasant Run Golf Club,
Hole: 3 of The Midlands Course,
Yardage: 133,
Club: 9 iron,
Notes: During that round of golf Mr. Silva, played the Highland course for 9 holes which he shot a 38. The 2nd 9 holes were played at the Midlands, where Mr. Silva shot a 33 for a total of 71. Mr. Silva also noted that his feat ended up costing him $250.00 in alcohol. Mr. Silva is also known as Tony Alentejano in the Portuguese community.

Joey Tavares

Member: #116
Date: October, 11, 2003,
Golf Club: Caledon Country Club, Inglewood On,
Hole: 12th,
Yardage: 165,
Club: 6 iron,
Notes: Mr. Tavares was hitting an extra club that day because of a strong head wind. Hitting from an elevated tee to an elevated green, the ball landed past the hole and spun right back into the cup.

Ilidio Medeiros

Member: #13,
Date: July, 13, 2003,
Golf Club: Lakeview Golf Club, Mississauga On,
Hole: 3rd,
Yardage: 126,
Club: Pitching Wedge.
Notes: Founding member Medeiros, hit his hole-in-one while playing one of the best courses and oldest in Ontario.

Jose (Pacheco) Nunes

Member: #10,
Date: June, 30, 2003,
Golf Club: Whistle Bear Golf Club, Cambridge On.
Hole: 8th,
Yardage: 146,
Club: Sand Wedge.
Notes: Founding member Nunes hit his hole-in-one while playing his round with Pedro Silva an assistant Pro visiting from the Azores.

Victor Oliveira

Member: #125,
Date: October, 14, 2001,
Golf Club: Batalha Golf Club, Sao Miguel, Azores,
Hole: 8th,
Yardage: 203,
Club: 3 Wood.
Notes: Mr. Oliveira scored this hole-in-one while playing at the annual Azores Open.

Enir Bassani

Member: #211,
Date: August, 15, 2001,
Golf Club: BraeBen Golf Club, Mississauga, On.
Hole: 7th
Yardage: 155,
Club: 7 Iron,
Notes: Ball hits rock near the pond and bounced some 50 feet in the air before landing 2 feet from the hole, gently rolling into cup.

John Pacheco

Member: #148
Date, May, 11, 1999,
Golf Club: Deerfield Golf Club,
Hole: 11th
Yardage: 147,
Club: 7 Iron,
Notes: Mr. Pacheco scored this hole-in-one before our Association was formed. He got the card attested by playing partner Mr. James Cryderman.

Enir Bassani

Member: #211,
Date: July, 10, 1987,
Golf Club: Beaverbrook Golf Club, Minden On.
Hole: 6th
Yardage: 210,
Club: 3 Iron
Notes: Witnessed by members Manny Coelho # 3 and Tito Da Silva # 199.