About the PCGA

The Portuguese Canadian Golfers Association (PCGA) is a not-for-profit organization created for the purpose of bringing together persons who share both a Portuguese heritage and a love for the game of Golf.

PCGA endeavors to foster the following golf related activities for the benefit of its members:

Provide for member’s benefit and use an updated handicap tracking system either of it’s own management or through the affiliation with a recognized Golf Association. Provide annually an individualized PCGA card with handicap factor for the identification and immediate certification of the member’s skill level for domestic and international golf courses requiring such different Domestic and International.

Organize annually, a multi-day member Championship tournament where each, can compete for separate flight CHAMPION with others of similar skill level and where the rules of golf and the spirit of “fair play” take prominent stage.Negotiate for members discounts for green fees and/or Golf merchandize with participating courses and related businesses domestic and/or international and inform members of same.